Let's make 2021 a fun and creative new year!
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      Made By Pinners is a collection of friends and businesses who all contribute their talents and projects to a world of people who love creating and making beautifully fun things. It all began recently in 2020.

      Ugh. 2020. The year that changed us all. And it changed some more than others. The events industry was hit particularly hard. The owners of Pinners Conference we among many who had to cancel shows during the pandemic. As Kendall and Roxanne Bennett were forced to cancelled show after show they knew how much it was hurting the great families and businesses who rely on events for either all or a large part of their family's income. "We wondered 'how can we help these great businesses that are going to be completely missing their income for a year?'" said owner Roxanne Bennett. "And then, *ding* a little light goes on. If people can't come enjoy creativity right now, we'll send creativity to them. And all of our friends were on board. We're so excited to have a way to help them and to help others stay creative at home."

      So there you go. Made By Pinners. We hope you love the site and share it with others. THANK YOU for supporting these awesome women-owned businesses. It means so much to each of them. And have a great day today! Remember - every day is getting better and better! :)

      From the Made By Pinners team - and friends.


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